Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)


This therapy modality works on targeting specific memories, often rooted in trauma, that cause our brains to get "stuck". This can trigger specific emotional, mental, or behavioral responses that we don't like. By using EMDR therapy, we can work on reprogramming the way your brain perceives those memories so they no longer cause upsetting reactions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)


CBT can help identify patterns of thinking that connect to an individual's emotions and behaviors in order to identify negative beliefs and alter unhealthy moods and responses. 

Trauma Focused Cognitive behavioral therapy (TFCBT)


In the same way that CBT is directed towards changing negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, TFCBT works to change an individual's unhealthy responses that are formed after a traumatic experience by creating a narrative of the situation and pinpointing emotional and cognitive discrepancies.  

Art, Play, and Sand Tray Therapies


These therapies are therapeutic approaches used most often with children. They are used to promote playful interventions that help children understand their thoughts and feelings in an age appropriate way. 

Attachment-based Therapy


This type of therapy is a treatment style directed at healing wounds among family members caused by relational issues or emotional distress. 

Parent Skill Building


This is provided in conjunction with other types of therapy in order to provide support and guidance to parents of current clients as they navigate their children's stressors and challenging experiences.